TRS File Monitor


What is TRS File Monitor ?

      • TRS file monitor a kind of portable software can prevent and detect the behavior from Ransomware,also can protect the Data changed by it.


TRS File Monitor how to prevent Ransomware

      • The file to fail to open and leaving a ransom message,because Ransomware will modify the name of file or encrypted file or file extension.
      • Ransomware of separate models will modify the configuration database (BCD) and affect the tool can’t detection.
      • Ransomware can be decrypted with a ransom, but viruses cause the files become unrepairable.TRS File Monitor only defends against Ransomware.
      • TRS File Monitor has activated the monitoring protection mode in the blue section.
      • TRS File Monitor can detect Ransomware like Reveton、CryptoLocker、TorrentLocker、CryptoWall、KeRanger、RSA4096、Mischa、WannaCrypt、Petya、Bad Rabbit.Etc,Helps users to perform normally in a safe environment.
      • TRS File Monitor protects the connection to the remote host by means of the authorization machine verification code.
      • TRS File Monitor can block legitimate and illegal ransomware attacks, such as: psexec.exe.




        • Currently,The Ransomware made global lost US$1 billion,so TRS File Monitor will do something let the digital become less and less.
        • The software,We will think highly of user opinion, feed back to us.
        • Isolation unsafe program can protected user environment.




(EDM export)

        • Different from other antivirus or anti ransomware concepts and methods, it can prevent files from being changed, by other the world renowned anti-virus or anti- ransomware cannot stop, free the windows operating system from the threat of ransomware.

        • When suspicious Ransomware behavior is detected, the file is prevented from changing in time or even in advance.

        • From an Usual behavior of creating, rename, or deleting a file, it can be judged whether it is suspicious Ransomware.

        • Prevent Ransomware modify windows BCD (Boot Configuration Data).

        • Provide files and process records that can be traced back to the source.

        • Only help prevent Ransomware (encrypted file name or file content).
        • Prevent beforehand instead of afterward.
        • Suitable for all windows operation system.

        • All around detection include network,local machine,USB
        • Backup into folder when it was renamed by behavior of Ransomware.

        • White list can protect trust program could not closed by Ransomware behavior.
        • Provide enterprise and PC environment use.

        • Auto start TRS file monitor when user turn on the computer.
        • Notice all user when TRS file monitor detect Ransomware behavior.

        • TFM can prevent boot-up Ransomware of modifying BCD.



    • Ransomware made global US$1 billion dollars loss.
    • Many legal software also have Ransomware behavior.
    • Unknown link or program cause threat.
    • Ransomware can hide in background wait chance to attack.


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